The Bebo Kareena and Saif are the best in fashion

It has been a year now when Bollywood has set its high with most amazing looks with movies and celebrities. From starting itself, Bollywood celebrities are obsessed with fashion, and there is no other thought. But in reality, Bollywood movies are getting some stunning international trend. Here celebrities are always showing that they are always rocking. This fashion they have got from the internet, and the inspiration came from B-Town stars.

Kareena and Saif both are a very stylish couple in this Bollywood world. They always manage their head not to turn. Kareena always is a Bebo in her real life too, and Saif is giving jaw-dropping looks. Just a few hours ago, Kareena shared one more picture as ‘Saturday Mood’. The photo she has posted is looking the same.

She has put the photo, which was shot in 2009, at the place Morocco.  This couple is looking like a star in that photo, which they are actually. Both are strolling outside. Kareena is seen to ware beige dress, and her waist is showing off the gorgeous curve, and her body is toned correctly.  On the other side, Saif has worn a lilac button-down shirt with white pants. He has even added a brown belt. He is looking tall and handsome.

By seeing their dress, anyone can come to know easily that they are at a top in the fashion sense, and actually, they have the best knowledge in it.

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