The Return of the King: The English Premier League Restarts from June 17

The Premier League is the top level of English football contested by top clubs in England; it is the most-watched sports league in the whole world and holds a TV audience of 4.7 billion people. Premier leagues generate the highest revenues than any other football league. The Premier League was suspended on March 19. It is scheduled to restart on June 17 after the British government gave it clearance last Saturday, May 28, with all 20 clubs agreeing to the decision via video conferencing. The decision sent a wave of excitement all across the globe.

 As the league leaders, Liverpool is aiming for the title after a drought of 30 years is way ahead of the pack. Perhaps this decision was taken after seeing Germany’s Bundesliga up and running. It sent a message across to many leagues who have started to consider the option to restart the season. Spain’s La Liga is also set to return on June 11. Many clubs and players have begun conducting practice sessions after testing negative for Covid-19. Let us look at the measures that are being taken for the return of football. Fans will not be allowed to attend games, though it is a massive setback for fans as well as the clubs as ticket sales generated huge revenues. 

There is also a fear that games will be played in an empty stadium, not only this season but also next. The players and staff will continue to be tested twice every week during the remaining season. The Players will have also been asked to remain two meters away when talking to match officials. However, in some situations, close contact will be made; social distancing will be encouraged wherever possible. A total of 5 substitutes can be used according to the new rules in every match, and players will have to change their jerseys at half-time. “There is still much work to be done to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Premier League chief executive Richard Masters. 

Though everybody is excited for football to return, many players and staff members, even referees are afraid of the consequences that might follow after concluding the season or also if this is the fairest way to conduct games in the pandemic. It has also been seen in the Bundesliga games that the advantage of home games has been lost, and clubs at the end of the table rely on home games to rally up points, and conducting games in this fashion will hamper their situation. The Premier League season is now due to end on the weekend of July 25-26, more than two months after originally scheduled.

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