The World Health Organization is on the run to Launch COVID 19 App This Month

The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to introduce the COVID 19 app with Bluetooth based contact tracing to allow people under resourced to access their health conditions. The app will help people to check they are infected by the novel coronavirus or not. 

“The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to launch an app this month to enable people in under-resourced countries to assess whether they may have the novel coronavirus, and is considering a Bluetooth-based contact tracing feature too.”, an official informed Reuters on Friday, the 8th of May.

“The app will ask people about their symptoms and offer guidance on whether they may have Covid-19, the potentially lethal illness caused by the coronavirus. Other information, such as how to get tested, will be personalized according to the user’s country.”, said Bernardo Mariano, the chief information officer for the World Health Organization.

“Though the WHO will release a version on app stores globally, any government will be able to take the app’s underlying technology, add features and release its own version on app stores.”, said Bernardo Mariano in a phone interview.

India, Australia and the United Kingdom have already released their own official COVID 19 tracing apps for their respective countries using their own technologies. The apps of these countries share some features that are similar to the ones in the app to be launched by the World Health Organization such as accessing the health status of the citizens and logging people’s movements to enable an efficient contact tracing. 

Numerous countries worldwide are boosting u contact tracing, the process of finding, tracing and isolating potentially infected individuals or the ones who came in contact with the infected individuals. This tool is of utmost importance in order to bring the current corona virus triggered situation and get the economy of the country back to running. 

The World Health Organization hopes to get a good response in other countries like some including in South America and Africa, where the number of infected people is reaching great heights. 

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