This what Rahul Shetty says about working with Tony Kakkar and Shehnaz Gill in song Kurta Pajama

Renowned Dance Choreographer Rahul Shetty who choreographed for Race 3, ABCD franchise, Baghi 2, Houseful 4, DJ Bravo’s The chamiya song and all songs of Street Dancer 3D has made Prabhudeva move to his beats. He directed and choreographed this song ‘Kurta Pajama’ by Tony Kakkar and Shehnaz Gill which is set to release on 17th July.

On talking about the song he says, “Well, the feeling is really amazing because I was actually living with the thought that I won’t be able to shoot this year because of the current scenario but I am so glad I got to direct this song in this phase of lockdown with so many limitations, less manpower, less equipments and less time. We shot this in almost 6-8 hours. I have choreographed one song for Tony Kakkar before. One fine day I got a call from Tony and Anshul saying they have this song Kurta Pajama and wanted to collaborate on the same. Without any thought I said yes because I loved the title Kurta Pajama.”

Rahul Shetty added, “It is such a simple hook yet so catchy it is. First time I got to hear this track, I was glued to it. The moment I heard the song I was humming it already. This how I landed directing this amazing tune. The flavour of this song is very new age and also choreography wise I have not over choreographed it but went with the flow of the song with just one simple hook-step in which  all can groove to it.”

On sharing his working experience, Rahul Shetty said, “Tony kakkar, the multi-faceted music composer whose songs are so trendy and super hits, the louder his work speaks exactly the opposite he is very shy and reserved as a person. But that is what makes him special and different. You will see him move and groove in Kurta Pajama.”

Rahul Shetty concluded, “Shehnaz, this girl is an energy bomb. The first time l met her, she quietly came to my studio but with time she exploded with her infectious energy and we were just laughing all the time. She is always so excited about doing different things and very eager to work with her honesty. But beware, she looks cute in person but the moment she is in front of camera she will blow your mind with her beauty and charm! “

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