Twitterati stand firmly with PM Narendra Modi, through “No Modi No Twitter”

As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his decision to contemplate giving up social media accounts this Sunday, Twitter has been abuzz with Twitterati requesting the PM not to resort to such a maneuver.

In fact, netizens have also expressed their desire to get off social platforms similar to the PM, in case the latter does so. This has led to a huge social media trend called “No Modi No Twitter”. This has been going viral now.

The key concern expressed for netizens to potentially leave social media, in case the PM does, is the potential lack of positivity. Here, remember that PM Modi has been spreading positivity ever since he entered the world of social media and is currently the second most followed around the world even outclassing global leaders like Donald Trump.

Hence, any attempt by the PM to get off the social media platforms could result in a  mass exodus of netizens. However, at this juncture, one aspect that is worth contemplating is the problem of fake news. This caused huge negative impact during the recent Delhi riots. Fake news has always been a problem plaguing social media.

Therefore, the PM could have just got frustrated by the problem of fake news. Nonetheless, we appeal to the honourable PM not to resort to quitting social media and continue spreading the message of positivity to inspire generations to come.

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