Two men arrested for trying to smuggle ‘two-headed snake’ in Bengaluru

Two men in Bengaluru disguised themselves to be essential items delivery boys and set out to deliver an unusual package on Thursday. They were stopped by the police as part of a routine check-up on the roads and were shocked to find a ‘two-headed snake’ instead of fresh vegetables and grocery items in the delivery basket. The two men were caught red-handed trying to smuggle the snake at the Basappa Gardens near the Saraki Circle in Bengaluru city on Thursday, amid the lockdown restriction.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Bengaluru arrested the two men on Thursday who were trying to smuggle the two-headed snake. The Joint Commissioner of Police of the Central Crime Branch stated that the arrested men were identified to be Mohammad Rizwan (26), and Azar Khan (27). A case has been registered against the two, and a complaint has been submitted to the Forest Officer of Kaggalipura range.

The accused men were allegedly trying to sell the rare two-headed reptile for rupees 50 lakh. The two-headed snake is an Indian species commonly called the Indian Sand Boa. It does not have two heads as the name suggests; instead, it has a tail that very much resembles its head. The snake uses its head-like tail to defend itself under threat and hides its actual head to protect itself from danger. The Indian red sand boa is a non-venomous snake and is classified as a near-threatened species. The snake is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of India, and any offender who tries to harm the snake would be booked under this Act.

The two-headed snake is rumoured to have a precious gem in its head and is used for medicinal purposes. Some state that it is used for ‘black magic’.

“They were trying to sell a two-headed snake, belonging to the Boidae family commonly called Sand Boa, which is a specified reptile under schedule-four of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972,” said Sandeep Patil, the Joint Commissioner of Police. Sandeep also stated that while the delivery personnel are doing a noble job of serving the people at their doorsteps during the lockdown, some people are using this an opportunity for illegal activities.

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