Two sons of Assam lost their life in Baghjan Oil explosion

On May 27, an explosion occurred at a gas well of Oil India Limited at Baghjan in Assam. Due to the negligence of the employees and workers, the leak leads to an explosion, and after 12 days of an uncontrollable gas leak, it finally caught fire. The gas well had been leaking gas and condensate droplets for the last 15 days in the environment. When it finally caught fire, 7000 people from the adjacent area had to be evacuated to relief camps on short notice.

A cloud of thick black smoke had covered up a radius of 30km around the gas well, which has posed a threat to the wetlands of Assam. Before the well had caught fire because of the condensate particles, birds were already dying, and grasslands were detecting small fires. The fishes and aquatic life of the Dibru River had already died. Parts of Dibru Saikhowa National Park are very close to the explosion site, and parts of the park have caught fire. It houses 80 fish species and almost 300 bird species.

Oil India Limited had to suspend two of the workers because of their negligence and in assessing and controlling the situation. Assam has also lost two of its firefighters; one of them was a national player and had represented Assam at the national level. Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal has said that they will be buried with full state honors, and Oil India Ltd. has already disbursed money to the families of the deceased. They were reported missing since the fire had taken place, and their bodies were found in the lake by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team while examining the explosion site. It said that they might be running from the gas and smoke and jumped in to save themselves but died of suffocation.

The condensate falling on the national park has posed threats for the biodiversity of the area. The leaves have already started smelling, and experts say that the restoration could take years if the situation remains the same. Assam Chief Minister reported that it would take a few days to completely blow out the fire and control the leak at the gas well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the state government that they would provide all the help needed to control the situation and resolve the matter. The Indian Army and Air force have also come forward to control the fire from spreading further.

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