Uber India gets trolled for begging donations for its drivers instead of contributing to PM Cares Fund

Uber, the multinational ride-hailing company, became laugh stock after it begged the user to donate for its drivers. Angry netizens condemn it saying that it is begging instead of contributing to the PM Cares Fund.

Uber India requested its Twitter followers for donations on April 9. It tweeted, “The ones who have always moved you forward, need help in moving past these times. Contribute to the Uber Care Driver Fund. Even a small donation can go a long way. #MoveWhatMatters. Contribute here:”

Several Indian companies have showed their generous nature, by contributing crores of rupees to the PM Cares Fund to support India’s fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. But most of the foreign companies operating in India have not donated for this cause and Uber is said to be one among them.

Uber has a market capitalisation of $ 47.8 billion. Its CEO Dara Khosrowshahi claimed that it has plenty of cash to get through the coronavirus crisis. The company has around $ 10 billion cash in hand which can easily be used to support its driver-partners and other employees, globally.

On one hand, Uber is not extending its support to the Indian government despite earning heavy profits from the country. On the other hand, it is also not helping its driver in India, who have been its backbone all these. This angered many people, who resorted to troll it on Twitter.

Kay Kay @HeiKrishna

It was commuters and cabbies who supported you with 25% commision and infinite times surge charges over and above base fare. So it’s your turn to express solidarity with cabbies. I urge you to take this call of yours seriously. #GreedyCorporate

Adil Azmi محمد عادل @NadwiAdil

You earned billions by them , but in the time of need you beg donations.

Pankaj Dugar @pankajdugar89

Being the money sucker of the drivers hard earned, uber should take responsibility.. Earning millions in profit, you should spend that to support your drivers rather than taking it back to US..

Nitesh Chhabra @nitesh_jain2020

I am not against the drivers..they surely need help..but Can uber explain as to why they are not planning to change their Business Model so that Drivers registered with them get a small monthly fix pay and then variable. Why are you asking us who has already paid you surge prices

Mukhtar Shaikh @Mukhtar35086980

 More than 95% people don’t use twitter……I am a driver……I have got not a single penny…………To whom you are helping?…………to poor or yourself? They don’t even know such announcement….. Have you sent any messages to their mobile ? I guess no………If you really want to help them then go ahead ……If not then stop this PR stunt……… See this link…..

Sachin Singhal @miraculousyoga

Where is your contribution for india pm care fund???

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