UK Minister warns against any big changes to the COVID 19 lockdown

It isn’t a concealed fact anymore that Britain has lost a greater number of lives than any other European country to the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat has still not been eliminated and national lockdowns continue to be enforced.

While the threat still lurks, there is growing pressure on Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, to ease the corona virus triggered ‘stay at home’ orders that had been imposed in late March.

Considering the fact that the daily death toll has surpassed the count of 31,000, on Friday, the 8th of May, the Government of the UK warned the citizens of the country to not expect any considerable changes to the nationwide corona virus lockdown in the coming week. 

On Friday, the 8th of May, the developed Government in Wales revealed its plans to re-open garden centres and libraries. However, it assures that the wider lockdown would continue in the similar fashion for another three weeks. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is yet to announce his own schemes for England in a television address on Sunday, the 10th of May, in the evening. Though, one of his top ministers has clearly hinted on the fact that there shall be no big changes.

“We have to be realistic that there isn’t going to be any dramatic overnight change. We will be very, very cautious as we loosen the restrictions we have, as the data that we’re outlining on a daily basis shows we are not out of the woods. There are still major challenges. We will be living with this virus for some time to come and it’s therefore important to avoid that second peak that could overwhelm our National Health Service.”, mentioned the Environment Secretary George Eustice to the daily media briefing.

He has also reported a rise by 626 on the previous day to a count of 31,241 in the number of deaths among the COVID 19 patients in hospitals, care homes and the wider community who tested positive for corona virus. In accordance with the intel of the National Health Services (NHS), the new deaths recorded in England also included a six-week old baby.  

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