Vanitha Vijayakumar and Kasturi Shankar lock horns: Check Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestants’ Twitter rant

Vanitha Vijayakumar and Kasturi Shankar were never best of buddies during their stay in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house. After coming out of the show, they had clashes on Twitter. Now, they have locked horns again.

Vanitha’s marriage with Peter Paul has been in the centre of a controversy. The actress has slammed anybody and everyone who posted negative comments over her wedding on Twitter. Now, she engaged in a war-of-words with Kasturi Shankar and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan on Twitter. The following is the series of tweets of the clash between Vanitha and Kasturi

Kasturi Shankar’s Comments:

Don’t assume that I have no life just because I do not sell it on youtube. I am not the one stealing other people’s spouses and reenacting teenage wedding dreams at forty.

And yes, I will support her in every way, most importantly, LEGALLY.

How clever of you. In court, I will be the lawyer, Not the accused.Upside-down face

This ain’t no TV show. You mess with me, I will give it back, and everyone will get to see it.

Legal standpoint- Hypocrite Vanitha is guilty of cyber abuse, attacking the modesty of a woman, and defamation. She filed police case on surya Devi for abusing her, She has done the exact same offence toward madam Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. She can be arrested.

My heart bleeds for you @LakshmyRamki. Please do not engage with cheap kuzhayadi sandai people. @vanithavijayku1, You are really making this so bad for yourself. Take a break.

Look who is talking. Take your private life off youtube then talk. Hypocrite. Stop your cyber abuse, whole world saw your potty mouth against madam Lakshmi.  No TV show friends here to conveniently edit out your expletives. You are exposing yourself, no one else is to blame.

But you see, no use talking about my private life since I have only one chapter.  It will not bring any benefit to you..  Unlike some mega serial lives with season 1, 2, 3…

#ChallengeAccepted #BringItOn BTW, what is this actress comment? I didn’t understand.

Vanitha’s Comments:

Neeye oru fraudu…legala kizhippeni…un life pathi enakku theriyum.. legala purushane avangakkooda sethu vekkaporiya…mudhalle un purushane un kooda sera sollu…

Taking innocent people for granted.. and spoiling their lives in the name of ur phony talk shows..for money u will do anything to any family…low life @LakshmyRamki

I can imagine her legal skills in court… mixture lawyer…

The fake phony judge..@LakshmyRamki Runs away unable to face questions and has no reply to one question I asked her…she calls herself dignified when she has no qualifications to act as a judge to solve family problems…someone had to end her atrocities

Going on YouTube trying to act like a saint and role playing as lawyer and judge is against law when it is not legal platform just to create a publicity stunt probing into someone’s personal is the cheapest possible creature @KasthuriShankar @LakshmyRamki lay off ur drama

Actors are creating an unnecessary dramatic impact for after all your benefit eating on others remains. If you really want to help go legally not in media crying for sympathy in somebody’s personal

@KasthuriShankar u need a case to start ur bogus law ur acting like a legitimate legal counsel. U dont even have a heart .u people are blood sucking beasts.when it is a sensitive situation where women and children are involved it has to go thru law and order.u drama a

My YouTube channel is for my viewers and fans u jealous conniving evil witch.y r u so jealous try to make your own news than rather poke ur nose in my butt. Wether u like it or not it’s my life and u have no business in it. U low life

You can’t take off your nude pictures off internet can u…

@KasthuriShankar u think ur perfect just because no one is bothered about ur boring sick life..and all ur butting into politics and acting like some experienced lawyer or journalist..when it doesn’t involve u the

Doesn’t give u a right to butt in .u r a loser try to do something in ur life at this stage to be in the limelight using your name not use my shadow…seriously get a life

And u know nothing about life.what gives u the right to appear as a lawyer to a lady u hardly know and create a fake drama on YouTube as if it were a fiction story.u r misusing media for getting publicity using other people’s problems. Just because media carries my news it

@KasthuriShankar @LakshmyRamki last warning if u try and involve ourselves further in my personal life acting perfect I’ll have to expose your so called perfect lives to the society with evidence. @KasthuriShankar u act as if u were never an actress in the film industry

Now see what is this clowns fraud plans…she is definitely a good hearted perfect saint…u low life..u had no face to do it on ur own…go ahead try to make ur own bread and butter but stop impersonating urself as a saint and try6to put other people’s personal life at stake

Lol cant stop laughing…u think this is some court room drama film…how many cases u represented and what do u know about how courts and cases work..people can c it seems…u r butting urself in another lawyers case and that itself is unethical. DRAMA TROUPES

Ofcourse u dont..because ur life is officially over..and mine has just begun…u loser liar and so called perfect woman..rofl

So sorry to see jealousy heights..women who cant stand seeing another woman happy. Try and provoke someone elses loss to their glory

I’m blocking that hilarious fool @KasthuriShankar from my life and Twitter let her keep blabbing..she is capable of only that..comedy piece

@KasthuriShankar @LakshmyRamki sorry to see your lives suck and is so perfectly boring..mine rocks.always has and always will be. I have a real man beside me who is MINE. Try proving me wrong legally. I’m hopelessly in love with him and we will continue to be with each other

bayanthuttiya kumaru ? Rolling on the floor laughingClown faceSlightly smiling face Fraidy cat :))

The world now knows who provokes others, and if others hit back, you abuse them & run away.  Singapenn Rolling on the floor laughing Please note that till this minute, I have never quest

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