Varun Dhawan responds back to ABCD 2 dialogue inspiring Israel’s tweet on Covid-19 antidote

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has done a list of movies since he was first seen in Student Of The Year. He has a lot of fans all around the world and Varun is often known to be the goofy one in media as well on his social media. And we guess his fan following has reached international too as recently his famous dialogue from the dance film ABCD 2 traveled as far as Israel. The 2015 film inspired the state of Israel and its dialogue feature in a tweet by the country’s official handle.

The official Twitter handle of the state of Israel wrote the dialogue on Twitter while responding to a tweet regarding an antidote for coronavirus. “Sahi disha me utha har ek kadam apne aap mein ek manzil hai. Aakhir zindagi ka matlab hi agla kadam chunana hai. Every step taken in the right direction… is like achieving the goal in itself… After all life is all about the next step.” According to the bio, the handle is maintained by Israel’s foreign ministry. Once Varun heard about it, he expressed hopes that the news of an antidote in Israel was true. A journalist had tweeted, “#BREAKING: Joint statement by the Israeli Ministery of Defense and the Israel Institute for Biological Research: A significant breakthrough has been achieved in finding an antidote to the Coronavirus that attacks the virus and can neutralize it in the sick body.” Varun had quoted it and said, “Hope this is true.” besides this Varun was also amused and happy to see that his movie dialogues were used by them. He retweeted the tweet with the caption “glad to knw this dialogue has traveled all the way to Israel sending love and positivity #Abcd2”

Well, we hope that the news is true cuz it’s about time we have an antidote for this virus so that people can stop suffering and things can go back to normal.

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