Varun Dhawan shares an important piece of advice with fans about being happy during the lockdown

Amid the lockdown, Bollywood celebrities have been regularly sharing what they have been up to as everyone’s been stuck inside their homes. From baking banana bread, reading poetry, cleaning the house, cooking Italian to learning a new instrument, all of them have been trying to keep themselves busy. One of the Bollywood actors who has been super active on social media is Varun Dhawan who is also having a fun time with his family at home amid lockdown. From sharing his views on social distancing and urging his fans to stay in during the lockdown, his lockdown playlist, workout routine to throwback pictures, the actor has his social media game on point. He recently celebrated his birthday and shared glimpses of his birthday with his fans as he gorged on a chocolate cake. 

And now, Varun has shared a great and important piece of advice with fans on his social media accounts about being happy. Due to the current scenarios happening around like Coronavirus, earthquake, blasts, cyclone everyone is worried and tensed on what is going to happen next. Amid all these worries people have forgotten to smile and be happy. Sharing a lesson about being happy and making others happy, Varun wrote, “If you want to be happy you have to do something which makes the people around u happy and then you will be happy. If the people around us aren’t happy then you won’t be.” We must agree with Varun this one. Since the pandemic everyone has been so tensed and worried, everyone has forgotten to smile and what it looks like to be happy. So it’s really important for all of us to make sure we are happen and also make the people around us happy. This is how we’ll all get past these hard days. 

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