Video of a woman beaten badly in public: Rahul Gandhi says violence against women is sustained by a culture

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi shared a video featuring a group of men beating a woman badly in public and said that the violence is sustained by a culture that glorifies symbols of womanhood.

Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter account to condemn the violence against women across Indian. The former Congress president did not mention the details about where the incident featured in the video. He did not mention name anyone in his tweet. He made a general statement against treating women mercilessly.

Rahul Gandhi captioned the video with, “The violence in this video is not isolated. It’s an expression of what many Indian women have always faced. The violence comes in many forms & is sustained by a culture that glorifies symbols of womanhood while simultaneously treating women with total contempt & disrespect.”

Feminists across the country have impressed with and welcomed Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on the violence against women. The said that the humiliation and degradation of women are definitely unpardonable and the tough legal measures should be taken immediately to stop this harassment.

Sanjukta Basu @sanjukta

Wow, this is the most feminist statement ever made in India by a pol leader. Thank you for articulating this and foregrounding in public discourse. Women are glorified as Goddess and oppressed, raped, beaten, harassed at the same time. How is this possible? What explains this?

Annu Tandon @AnnuTandonUnnao

Unimaginable pain, humiliation,degradation and definitely unpardonable..While they must be punished,we Indians need to think and understand the meaning of being Indian!Our culture teaches otherwise!Thank you @RahulGandhi for bringing it up!No wonder people like me look up to you!

Sumit Kashyap @sumitkashyapjha

This is disgusting… There is need for tough legal measures and sustained social awareness programs to weed out such mindset from society. q

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