Vidya Balan reveals the most important lesson she has learnt ‘as an actor, as a woman’

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has had a good year as played a scientist in Mission Mangal and now is set to play the role of a ‘human computer’ in the Shakuntala Devi movie.  “I could not become one in real life but at least I am getting these roles,” says Vidya when asked about what she think of these roles. Vidya is looking forward to the release of Shakuntala Devi on Amazon Prime later this month, another of the high-on-life female characters the actor enjoys playing so much. “I didn’t know much about her other than the fact that she was known as the human computer world over,” the actor says about Shakutala Devi, “But then Anu Menon (director) started sharing details with me and I realized she was such an interesting person. She had a zest for life and loved to cook, eat, dress up, dance and a wicked sense of humour. None of this I would associate with a human computer. She loved like she lived life, with full josh.”

When asked in an interview about her film choices, the actor says, “These kind of women I find very exciting — women who love themselves, who love life. They are unapologetic about the choices they make… they want everything. Women are told you can’t have everything. Well, why can’t a girl have everything?” She also opened up about being a work in progress and figuring out her choices,“I am still work in progress, I am still coming into my own. So many voices are constantly telling you what to do, who to be especially as a woman. To drown out these noises and just to listen to your inner voice takes a lot and comes with experience. The biggest lesson as a public figure, as an actor, as a star that I have learnt is that the world will constantly ask you to conform to the ideas of who you should be and those idea will keep on changing and you will not be able to keep up. Kabhi bhatak bhi jaat hu but the perspective returns. It also has to do with the family I grew up in and my family gave me freedom to be who you are,”.

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