Voice calls on Telegram show drastic improvement during lockdown period

Voice calls made through the instant messaging app Telegram Messenger – VoIP calls have now shown improvement ever since this lockdown was announced. Now, earlier, when we had checked out the voice call feature within the app, the quality still had improvements to be incorporated within it.

Now, it seems that during the lockdown, the technical folks behind the app could have incorporated multiple enhancements leading to the improvements in the voice calling quality. In fact, now, voice calls through Telegram have also seemingly overtaken that of the calls made through usual cellular networks.

We also checked out international calls and found that the quality and clarity of voice was crystal clear. We are definitely happy with this feature. It seems that the current lockdown has brought the best out of Telegram.

Sometime ago, it was rumoured that Telegram would introduce group video calling. But these are not confirmed for now. Nonetheless, with audio calls combined with effective single-way broadcasting, Telegram could be an app to reckon with as far as instant messaging is concerned.

Do let us know your thoughts on the app’s voice calling feature. Did you find any improvements?

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