What is going on with Coronavirus?

What is coronavirus?

This virus is part of the virus family that range from the common cold to SARS in severity. Coronavirus has now become a global health emergency as it has caused an explosive outbreak of fatal diseases including pneumonia. This virus has killed almost 800 people in 2003.

This virus can transfer from one person to another only if the virus is present in excess amount in a person. There are other versions of coronavirus spreading in animals that have not yet spread to humans.

Why is this virus so bad?

This virus is bad because many people who are infected can easily go about their day performing daily tasks and in turn infect others with the virus without anything getting detected. Coronavirus has been detected with over 8,096 SARS cases in just two months. The experts believe that there are at least 75,000 more undetected cases. It is worse since sometimes the virus shows mild or no symptoms at all.

How is coronavirus contracted?

If you come into contact with virus – containing droplets then it is possible to contract the virus. These droplets can spread from an infected person’s cough to the other person’s hands or other objects they are in contact with. It can also be spread through faeces and aerosol particles. People who have contracted this virus, may not show any symptoms which is why it is easy to infect other people too as they are unaware who has been infected by the virus.

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