What went wrong with Vodafone-Idea recently?

A cross-section of Vodafone-Idea users, on February 7, complained that they could not access their networks for times ranging from 10 minutes till almost 2 hours. Were you affected by this issue? In this regard, the technical administration team at Vodafone even acknowledged the problem and had stated that they were working on the same.

As of now, normalcy seems to have been restored in Vodafone-Idea networks, but there still seems to be an aura of suspense regarding the recent issue. Some users stated that they could not make voice calls due to complete failure of the network. In fact, even we also experienced the issue, for at least 30 minutes. “Symptoms” of the problem included loss of network signal resulting in total shutdown of voice and data services.

Vodafone-Idea networks were seemingly back to normalcy soon after. However, even social media was trending on February 7 highlighting Vodafone users’ plight of having not being able to access the networks. In related news, Vodafone-Idea has its near Rs 2400 annual recharge plan that offers unlimited voice calling and 1GB internet per day. This plan was formerly in its Rs 1499 and in the Rs 1699 avatar this time last year and has now seen a manifold increase.

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