While Mumbai Becomes Covid-19 Epicentre, NITI Aayog VC Shares Ray of Hope says, ‘No Cases in 400 Districts’

It is being speculated that the Center may extend lockdown in 62 districts that account for 80% of total infected cases as India races to contain spread of coronavirus.

Some states have recommended the extension of lockdown said NITI Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar. He also mentioned that a sound strategy will be evolved by the end of the week.

To keep up the spirits of the public amongst the fact that Mumbai has become India’s coronavirus epicentre, Rajiv Kumar pointed that there were also 400 districts that have recorded no incidence of covid-19.

Rajiv Kumar said, “Exit strategy will have to be largely designed and implemented by state governments. The district administrations have to be the focus of the plan. Convergence between Centre and states is the key in controlling the deadly virus.” He also added that the authorities have to get the “balance between lives and livelihood”.

Three senior officials have said that Mumbai is set to extend lockdown measures until at least April 30. This is because the metropolis and its suburbs have reported 782 positive cases and 50 deaths.

A senior state government official said, “In Mumbai cases are rising too fast. In just 24 hours 100 cases were reported on Tuesday.” He also added that the trend was alarming and an extension of the lockdown for at least another two weeks. This was because it was necessary to stop the virus from spreading in one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

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