#WorstMinister trends after netizens start trolling Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitaram, Piyush Goyal

The video of a baby waking up his dead mother has left netizens furious and they trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal with the hashtag #WorstMinister on Twitter.

While migrant labourers walking 1000km is common scene these days, a video of a baby trying to wake up his dead mother abandoned at Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar surfaced social media on May 27. The clip created a lot of buzz with many people across the country expressing shock to see this heartbreaking footage, which held mirror to the worsening condition of migrant workers.

Along with the state governments, the central government is trying all possible ways to support these migrant workers. Piyush Goyal has arranged special trains to ferry them to their native places. Nirmala Sitarman has announced some economic packages to better their future. But those efforts do not seem to be enough to handle the situation.

People are fed up of the cancellation of trains and flights, confusions in the setting up proper guidelines, uncertain of the lockdown and no proper planning to tackle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These developments are slowly started creating a feeling that Narendra Modi-led NDA government is incompetent in handling the corona crisis.

The latest incident of the baby waking up his dead mother left some people furious. They started trolling Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal and other ministers of the NDA government with the hashtag #WorstMinister, which trended on Twitter on Wednesday night.

Karthick Manesh @KarthickManesh

#WorstMinister Nirmala Sitaram is the worst of all..There is not a single minister to be called as the best. Mr.Jaishankar, the only decent one I guess !!

Onkar Thorbole @OnkarThorbole

@PiyushGoyal you are #WorstMinister till date!!! #resignpiyushgoyal

Muzammil @me_muzu

Pathetic state of affairs!!! PM CARES? What will we tell this child #Aatmanirbhar bano? Lost all faith in humanity! Broken heart #Shame #WorstMinister

Saimanraj @Saimanrajs

People are dying without food..! Migrant labourers walking 1000km Where is digital India! Smart India Bigji #WorstMinister

Jahin Amin @amin_jahin

This is one of the most heartbreaking incident that this lockdown hurled on the poor people. How much do proof do you need to.see about the Govt’s incompetence? #WorstMinister

TheAgeOfBananas @iScrew

Why the eff is this trending? It should be #WorstPrimeMinister and not  #WorstMinister Why let Modi escape blame? A one and a half men government has rubber stamp ministers only. Then why shift blame to minions when shit hits the fan?

Lijo George @Lijov

I think #NirmalaSitharaman is the #WorstMinister in Modi’s cabinet.  She is the most arrogant and irresponsible minister.

Harnoor Singh @hrnurtweets

Brings tears to my eyes. Oh god, please spare the world from all this pain and suffering 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Also, I don’t know who is accountable for all of this, but I remember that we had voted @narendramodi  in 2014, to change the country. Sorry man, you have been a FAILURE! #WorstMinister

Kalidas @i_kalidas

600+ flights has been cancelled day before yesterday due to poor management by the central government. We have worst government at the centre. #WorstMinister

Karan Yadav @KaranYa72980261

#BestMinister  nitin gadkari #WorstMinister Nirmala sitaraman Modi ji should have appointed dr subramanian swamy as finance minister or atleast  he should have implemented his 16 points to boost economy.  As per shri rajeev chandrashekhar  people of PMO are very arrogant.

Ravi Kant Tripathi ☬ @LegalKant

His wife runs “Parigha Research & Consultancy Services”  formed in August 2016 #WorstMinister become a minister on 5 July 2016 Do you know how many research grants were issued to the education consultancy of the minister’s wife since 2016?

Crores of grant just under PMKY

Bruce Wayne @Batman_Banker

A hero can be anyone Even a person doing something as simple & reassuring as tweeting for the wage revision & other issues, to let bankers know the world hadn’t ended. @nsitharaman  mam lost a chance to be a hero by ignoring the plights of 1 million bankers #938Days #WorstMinister

Resha Khan @Reshakhan03

Political Science books of India should add one new chapter to it’s syllabus on how India faced a bunch of #WorstMinister from 2014-20 and how they took the whole country back to 60years in 6years.


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