“You are the male version of Neha Kakkar” says, Jassi Gill to Rohit Raut

The Marathi Mulga of Indian Idol season 11 Rohit Raut who is considered to be one of the strongest contenders for the race of being the next voice of India. Since his audition his confidence is being appreciated by everyone. The enthusiasm and energy he put in his performances always make his performances stand out.

In the upcoming episode, Rohit Raut gave a melodious performance on the song Pag Ghungharoo. After his performance Kangana mentioned that she follows Rohit’s performances and is rooting for him. Not only that she also mentioned that she has so much respect for his father the way he has brought up Rohit is commendable. The hard work that Rohit’s father has done in his life is something which made Kangana admire him.

Appreciating Rohit, Jassi Gill said, “The energy you have on the stage reminds me of Neha and you make me feel that you are the male version of Neha Kakkar”

Further in the show after Neha and Aditya’s marriage date to be conjectured to be 14th February .It is also being speculated that Rohit Raut might also get married in December 2020. Stay Tuned and watch Indian Idol 11 on Sony Entertainment Television at 8.00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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